Community Spirit Scholarship Program

As part of Celebrate Fairfax Inc.’s (CFI) Mission “to Celebrate Fairfax County and Its Communities,” the Celebrate Fairfax Community Spirit Scholarship Program recognizes and provides scholarships to ten graduating high school seniors currently enrolled in a Fairfax County Public School.

Recipients are recognized for their community involvement, academic accomplishment, extracurricular activities and demonstrated leadership.

Applications are available through our online registration system; the application deadline is April 13th at 11:59pm.

Application Process

Applicants must do all of the following to be considered for the Community Spirit Scholarship Program:

• Apply online at not later than Monday, April 13, 2015.

• Submit a brief essay of 250-500 words that will provide the scholarship judging committee an understanding of the positive effects of the student’s community service and community spirit.

• Submit a copy of the student’s academic transcript.  This may be included as a .pdf of the unofficial transcript at the time of application or may be emailed or mailed by the student’s guidance counselor.  Please note that all transcripts are subject to and expected to be verified by the scholarship committee.

Community Spirit Scholarship Awards

The candidate who has the best combination of community involvement, organizational and community leadership, academic accomplishments, and extracurricular activities shall be named the Fairfax County Community Spirit Scholar and receive a $2,500 award for use during their freshman year at any accredited college or university.

Additionally, one student from each of the 9 Fairfax County Supervisory Districts shall be named District Community Spirit Scholars (i.e.: the Mount Vernon Community Spirit Scholar), and each shall receive a $1,000 award.


Scholarship applicants will be evaluated considering the following criteria:

• Service to the communities of Fairfax County

• Academic accomplishments

• Leadership in academic, extracurricular and/or community service

• A brief essay/personal statement (250-500 words) describing the positive effects of the student’s community service and community spirit

Awards Ceremony

Students selected to receive a scholarship must attend a special Community Spirit Awards Ceremony to be held at the Celebrate Fairfax! Festival on the morning of Saturday, June 6th, and each Scholar will also receive a VIP access pass to the Festival for their use. Scholars will be encouraged to bring three (3) guests with them to the Awards Ceremony.

Eligibility Restrictions

Scholarship recipients will be required to provide proof of residency as well as proof of acceptance by an accredited college, junior college, university, or adult/technical vocational school.  Members of the immediate family of any CFI employee, Board Member or Scholarship Program judging committee are ineligible. Dependents of the authorized representatives of the Celebrate Fairfax! Festival sponsor are also neligible.


Funding for the Community Spirit Scholarship Program comes solely from contributions made to the Celebrate Fairfax Education Fund and/or to the Friends of Celebrate Fairfax, consisting of corporations, businesses and individuals who provide funding for this and other CFI initiatives.

Friends of Celebrate Fairfax include:

WB Motors

First Citizen Bank
Mary Jo Ford
Lynne Strobel

JV Shiro Zavela Foundation
Uyen Dinh
George O’Quinn

Matthew McQueen
Loren Rufino
Steve Sherman

For more information about the Friends of Celebrate Fairfax, please contact CFI President & CEO Barry Feil at 703-324-5315 or by email to