Carnival & KidWay MidWay



Due to the statewide Stay at Home order effective until June 10th, and the growing concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are forced to consider other options and to postpone our summer event. This decision was made with the health and safety of the Fairfax County residents, our attendees, partners, volunteers, and staff in mind.  The specific date(s) will be released in the coming weeks, but we are currently targeting October 2020.  

The information below is subject to change, and will be updated as the event gets closer. Thank you for your understanding!

For more information about the event, please check out our FAQ page


From the thrill seekers to junior riders, the Amusements of America Carnival at the Celebrate Fairfax! Festival features a variety of rides for all ages.


Friday: 6:00PM – 12:00AM (Midnight)
** You can redeem your pre-purchased All-You-Can-Ride Handstamp anytime; On-site handstamps are not available for purchase due to the shorter day.

Saturday: 10:00AM – 12:00AM (Midnight)
** You can redeem your All-You-Can-Ride Handstamp anytime; On-site handstamps are not available for purchase after 5:00pm

Sunday: 11:00AM – 7:00PM
** You can redeem your All-You-Can-Ride Handstamp anytime; On-site handstamps are not available for purchase after 5:00pm



At Celebrate Fairfax!, the rides are divided by the Food Court into two large sections – the main Carnival and the KidWay MidWay.
The KidWay MidWay features all of the kiddie rides meant for our youngest of guests and is located in between Inova Children’s Hospital Avenue and the Food Court.

The Carnival area has brought in spectacular new rides including the Extreme (pictured below). These rides are geared towards the older audience.
Safety Tip: If your family plans on visiting either of these locations, we recommend registering your child at our Lost Parents/Child Registration Station.  If you and your child become separated at any point, staff and security will easily be able to reconnect you by using the information provided at registration.  These stations are staffed by Securitas Security and the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department.


Price Information:

In Advance – Purchase a Carnival Combo (Admission + Carnival)

On-Site –  $25 All-You-Can-Ride Handstamps or Individual Ride Tickets

Handstamps and individual ride tickets will work in BOTH the KidWay MidWay and the main Carnival area.  Ticket booths will be located in both areas as well. Please note: We do not recommend an All-You-Can-Ride Handstamp for children 0-3 years old because of height/weight restrictions.  For more information about ticketing, visit the festival’s Tickets Page.


Height & Weight Restrictions For Rides:

 Visit the Amusements of America website for: Rider Height Requirements and Special Restrictions

**Please note: Actual rides pictured are subject to change.

2019 Ride List

Giant Wheel
Mardi Gras Glasshouse
Tomb of Doom
Pan’s Palace Funhouse
Rainbow Rock
Polar Express
Bear Affair
Merry Go Round
Jet Ski
Rockin Tug
Crazy Mouse
Far West Train
Family Swinger
Wacky Worm


*Rides subject to change

All carnival rides provided by Amusements of America. For more information, visit

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**Rides subject to change.