CFI Board of Directors


a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization


Celebrate Fairfax, Inc. is led by a Board of Directors, who provide vision and policy direction for the organization as a whole. The Board of Directors maintains relationships with and serves our stakeholders, including community leadership, government agencies, the corporate community and others who represent the more than one million citizens of Fairfax County. A downloadable copy of the organization’s ends statements may be found here.

Current members of the CFI Board of Directors:

Debbie Kilpatrick, Community Leader (Chair)

Joe Ciardiello, Peterson Companies

John Cook, Community Leader

Greg Dercach, Community Leader

Anna Dixon, Community Leader

Tina Jones, George Mason University

Melissa Huang, Community Leader

Pete Murphy, Chairman, Fairfax County Planning Commission

Ogechi Okpechi, DC Water

Heather Perrine, Community Leader

Dana Stewart, Community Leader

Ashley Morris, President & CEO, Celebrate Fairfax, Inc.



Lee Ruck

James M. Scott

Ralph Koch

Aubrey Tarkington

Charlotte S. Peed

Steven Brown

Bruce D. McLeod

Paul Weinschenk

Christoper Welker

Jennifer Kalka

Lynne Strobel

Matthew McQueen

Loren Rufino

Rich Irons

Andrew Painter

Amy Turner