Salute to Lord and Lady Fairfax

Celebrate Fairfax, Inc. and Fairfax County Board of Supervisors are pleased to announce the 2021 Salute to Lord and Lady Fairfax honorees. The tradition of honoring Lord and Lady Fairfax began in 1984 as a way to recognize the outstanding citizens of Fairfax County. Each year, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors selects two individuals from each district who have demonstrated exceptional volunteer service, heroism, or other special accomplishments to receive the award.

2021 Honorees

At-Large: Chairman Jeffrey C. McKay

Ms. Pamela Montesinos
Mr. Andres Jimenez

Braddock: Supervisor James R. Walkinshaw

Ms. Leeann Alberts
Mr. Robert Cosgriff

Dranesville: Supervisor John W. Foust

Ms. Janie Strauss
Mr. William Canis

Hunter Mill: Supervisor Walter L. Alcorn

Ms. Brenda Irons-LeCesne
Mr. Alvarez LeCesne, Jr.

Lee: Supervisor Rodney L. Lusk

Ms. Renee Grebe
Mr. Keith Foxx

Mason: Supervisor Penelope A. Gross

Dr. Nancy Joyner
Mr. William Lecos

Mount Vernon: Supervisor Daniel G. Storck

Ms. Lisa Sales
Reverend Dr. Keary Kincannon

Providence: Supervisor Dalia A. Palchik

Ms. Mercedes Dash
Mr. Ken McMillon

Springfield: Supervisor Pat Herrity

Ms. Christy Hudson
Mr. Evan Draim

Sully: Supervisor Kathy L. Smith

Ms. Debbie Kilpatrick
Mr. Carlos Carrero

For more information about the honorees:

Watch the Award Ceremony by clicking HERE. 

View photos from the Award Ceremony by clicking HERE.