Thank you for your interest! The PARC is a new community event venue that will be hosting frequent, year-round events. Many of these events will be focused on promoting and showcasing local area makers and small businesses. Our focused event is our Shop Local Saturday Market, which happens monthly from 12 – 5 pm! This event showcases small, local businesses in the Fairfax County area.

Upcoming Market Dates:

  • June 11th 
  • July 9th 
  • August 13th 
  • September 10th 
  • October 22nd
  • November 12th 

How to Apply:

  • Create a vendor profile by clicking the “Register now” button above.
    • Information needed to create your profile:
        • Company Info will be where you include information such as your company’s logo, name, description, contact information, website, and social media handles.
        • Business Info will be where you will list the logistics of your business, such as the business structure, number of employees, year of establishment, and sale locations.
        • Products List will be where you will list your products.
        • Contacts will hold a list of the employees you would like to have as your primary and secondary contacts for the event.
        • Addresses are where you will write out your business’s physical and mailing address, if applicable.
    • Apply for the Shop Local Saturday Markets at The PARC.
        • You’ll be shown a list of available markets near you, and you’ll scroll down until you see “Celebrate Fairfax, Inc.’s Shop Local Saturday Market”. Once you see that, you will click “apply”, and fill out the fields on the screen as they come up. For any questions you may have, please refer to this market application tutorial document. or contact us to assist.
      • If you are approved, an approval confirmation email will be sent to you with additional event information.

Event Details:

      • The Market will be located indoors. Free parking is available onsite. 
      • All booths are to be fully set up and staffed for the entire duration of the event (12 PM-5 PM).
      • Each approved exhibitor will receive an 8’x8′ space with one 6-foot table and one chair. Additional space and accommodations may be available – please note any special requests on the interest form. We will do our best to accommodate requests.
        • Exhibitors may bring additional tables/shelving/etc. as long as it fits within the allocated space.
      • Electric outlets are available at some booth spaces. If you need access to an outlet, please note that on the interest form.
      • At this time, there is public Wi-Fi available, however, please make sure you bring your own MiFi device or plan to enable your hotspot on your device if you plan to use any electronic systems to track payment or sales in case of network connectivity issues. 

Insurance Information:

      • Certificate of Insurance documents can be uploaded directly to your ManageMyMarket profile. To learn more, please review this How to Upload a License Guide.
      • A Certificate of Insurance is required by all exhibitors.
        • If you have business insurance:
          • You can add Celebrate Fairfax and the County of Fairfax as additionally insured on your policy by contacting your insurance agent. This proof of coverage must be in the amount of no less than $1 million for general liability. Celebrate Fairfax, Inc. is the certificate holder, and the address is 12000 Government Center Parkway, Suite 247, Fairfax, VA 22035
        • If you do not have business insurance:
          • You may purchase limited liability insurance through Celebrate Fairfax’s carrier – Haas & Wilkerson. All payments and documentation will go directly through Celebrate Fairfax staff. The cost of this is around $85 and may increase depending on the business and products sold. This policy will only cover you for Shop Local Saturday Market events produced by Celebrate Fairfax, Inc. at The PARC in Tysons. If you chose (and are approved) to participate in multiple Shop Local Saturday Markets, this payment/policy will cover you until April 27th, 2023.

Items to Note:

      • Priority will be given to Fairfax County-based small businesses.
      • We will strive to select a variety of vendors and products, but we cannot guarantee exclusivity. We do limit certain categories of vendors. If your category is full, we will automatically add you to the waitlist.
      • Food-related exhibitors may only sell pre-packaged items, intended for off-site consumption, in accordance with VDACS regulations. Heating, cooling, cutting, plating, and similar activities are not permitted.

For any additional questions or information, please reach out to or call 571-789-6816.